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Package Categories and Priority

Allowing potential members to easily understand your offering is a must.

With package categories, you can group your packages and display them in a way that makes sense to those that are viewing your sign-up widget. You can also set a priority on each package so that the most important packages are displayed first within their category.

Navigate to Settings > Packages > Click on Create new package Category 

Some examples are below:

  • Stamp Cards/ Class packs - allocate all your once-off packages such as your 5, 10 and 20 class packs under this category 
  • 12-month Contracts - allocate all your 12-month contract packages e.g 3x week for 12 months, Unlimited for 12 months under this category 
  • 4x week Member Options - allocate all your 4x week packages e.g 4x week for 12 months, 4x week for 6 months  under this category

How to allocate existing packages to package categories 

Go to Settings > Packages > click on the action button next to the package > Edit > allocate package category and priority (if chosen to implement, can also be left blank) 

View of Signup widget with package categories:

When adding a new package you will have the option to allocate the category in the setup.
Please view How to Set Up a New Package