Troubleshooting QR Code

Troubleshooting QR Code:

Members can't scan the QR Code

  • the permissions for Octiv app on the members mobile device does not allow access to the device's camera. 
    Solution: on iOS - go to Settings, scroll down to find the Octiv app - tap on it, and allow Octiv app to access the camera.

On Android devices - go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Notifications management look for the Octiv app > Allow Notifications 

Then go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Permissions > Camera > Octiv > Allow

*Please note that the Android steps may vary on different devices. 


  • The member has not booked their sessions and the booking threshold has closed.
  • The member is trying to check in after the check in threshold has closed. The check in opens 2h before the start of the class and closes 2h after the end of the class.
  • The incorrect QR code has been printed for the incorrect location. Please make sure you have the correct QR code printed out for your facility.