Troubleshooting Bookings

Troubleshooting Bookings

1. My member cannot book:

If members are struggling to book:

  • Check if they have an active package. You will see there is a blank space where the package is meant to be under the manage members page. If a member does not have an active package they will not be able to login to the app nor book.

    Solution: Under manages > member package > add a new package to the member Or extend the package end date. 
  • Remaining sessions left.  Do they have enough credits left to make the bookings for the rest of the week or month? Remember late cancellations are also deducted from their credits. The member can check this within the Octiv app under my packages/sessions.
    The coach can check this on the members profile card or under > Reports > attendance reports > member attendance reports.

Solution: If the member has no credits left, they cannot book. The member can purchase extra top-up credits, if the facility has enabled this feature. Should the coach feel that the member should be assigned their credit back, the coach can manually adjust their available sessions in their profile under manage packages or by manually topping them up with an extra credit. 

  • Booking thresholds. A member cannot book once the booking threshold has closed. Please check that your booking thresholds have been set up correctly.

    Solution: to edit the booking threshold see Editing class instances / series.
  • Max session bookings allowed per day. Check the amount of sessions a member is allowed to book per day under Settings > Bookings.  If members are trying to book over and above this setting they will not be able to book. These bookings excluded classes/ sessions that have been set up as free and include late cancellations.

    Solution: you can set this under Settings > bookings > booking settings.
  • Is the package selected for the class? Please check that the package the member is on is selected for the correct classes. If the membership package is not allowed for that class the member cannot book into the class.

    Solution: If the membership is allowed for the class but is not selected the member will not be able to book for that specific class. To add the membership to the class:
    Settings > Packages > manage classes.

2.  I Increased the class capacity but the system won't slot my members in

    • Should the class be fully booked with members on the waitlist and the class capacity is increased, the system will not automatically slot these members in as the action taken to increase the capacity was initiated after the members were booked into the waitlist.

      Solution: after increasing the class capacity you will have to manually book in the waitlist members and then cancel them off the waitlist.

    3. When I want to manually book a member into a class, they do not appear on the class list of members

    • A member will not appear on the class list because they either do not have an active membership package or their membership package is not allowed access to that class. 

      Solution: Should a member’s membership package be expired you would have to assign the member a new package or extend their membership package end date. 

      Should the membership package not be allowed access to the class the member cannot be booked into the class. Alternatively, assign the member the correct package or go to package settings and select the respective class to have access to the package 
      See Setting Up my packages