Setting up Drop-In Packages
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Setting up Drop-In Packages

How to setup your Drop-In Packages

To set up your drop-ins navigate to

Left hand menu > settings > Drop-Ins >

The above settings will be applied to all created drop-in packages. 

[GIF Drop-In Settings]

Drop-In Settings

To create a new drop-in package select “Create Package” > Add the necessary details > Save 

[GIF Create Drop-In Package]

Create Drop-In package

Drop-in package prices are as per single session. Non-members can then select the number of drop-ins they would like to purchase.

After saving the drop-in package you are able to manage classes and allocate which locations, classes or sessions this drop-in package applies to.

Managing classes allows you to create for e.g. an off-peak drop-in package that only allows certain times and classes as well as if they are able to book at one or several locations.

[GIF Manage drop in classes]

Drop in manage classes