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Personalised Communication

Octiv offers 3 different communication methods.

1. Emails:

Navigate to Comms > Create > Type > Email 

> Fill in all the email information required > and select if the email must be sent now or at a different date and time

Emails can be set up to be sent to anyone loaded on your Octiv platform. In other words, members, staff and leads. 

You can apply different filter options when setting up your email or newsletter. 

For example, 

  • Send to all members, staff or leads
  • Send to deactivate members
  • Send to members on a specific package or payment types
  • Send to specific members, allocate all staff

2. Push notifications:

Navigate to Comms > Create > Type > Push Notification

Push notifications are quick once-off messages and updates sent to members via the Octiv app. In other words, your member will receive these messages in their Octiv app.

Again, you can apply different filter options to these push notifications.

If the member has disabled Octiv notifications on their phone, they’ll only be notified of your message when opening the app. However, members with the Octiv notifications enabled will receive the push notification on their phone dashboard.


3. Noticeboard:

Navigate to Comms > Noticeboard 

The noticeboard relays information to the member within the Ocitv app. This may be an announcement you want your members to see for a specific period. This message will appear each time the member logs into the app. This noticeboard message will disappear when you decide to deactivate it