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Package Sign Up Settings through the Widget:

To adjust your default widget signup settings please navigate to:

Settings > Sign up

Sections Explained:

  • Select the payment methods that you'd like to appear on the sign up widget

    Here you are able to specify the payment methods you want to make available to members when they sign up i.e. cash/eft/online payment or debit order or both.
    • Debit order option only: This only allows members to sign up by adding their billing details with their personal details. The prospective member would need to fill in their debit order details to complete the sign up. A debit order invoice will then be created on sign up.
    • Cash/eft/online payment only: this option allows a member to sign up as a cash invoiced member. A cash invoice will only be created for the member on specified invoice generation date (Settings > Accounts). Thus an invoice would need to be manually created, should the member be signed up before or after the invoice generation date.
    • Both debit order & cash/eft/online payment: On sign up through the signup widget the member will have an option to choose between the two payment methods.
    • If you are integrated with NetCash PayNow or Stripe and want to set up certain packages to be billed via this payment method please see Setting up packages to either be charged via (paynow / stripe)
  • Select the debit date options that you'd like to appear on the sign up widget.

Octiv has the options of 1st, 5th, 15th, 25th, 27th, 28th and last day of the month for debit dates. Should you wish to change these dates this will have to be manually through your payment gateway merchant on a monthly basis.

  • Select whether your facility makes use of online contracts and waivers.

    Your facility has the option to set up digital contracts and waivers. These can be incorporated into the online sign up process. The prospective member would need to accept the contract and waiver to complete the sign up. Should your facility not make use of these, this step would be omitted. See Setting up contracts & waivers.
  • What kind of prorate strategy does your facility use for new members.
    • The automatic prorate only applies to debit order payment gateways (NetCash, Three Peaks, GoCardless). The prorate will automatically calculate the amount for the remainder of the month and add it to the next available debit order invoice.
      I.e. both payments (current and following month) are added to the following month’s invoice.
    • For cash invoices, a new invoice will have to be created with the manually calculated prorated amount. 

How to adjust a facilities signup settings