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NetCash - Set up & Manage PayNow

Connect your PayNow API and manage online ADHOC payments for sign ups, drop-ins, invoice payment requests, and POS.

Integrating PayNow with Octiv

1.1 How to set up your PayNow Webhook

Please ensure that your PayNow service has been activated via NetCash and you have received your PayNow keys. You may need to contact your NetCash Account Manager in order to acquire your Pay Now service key.

Invalid keys won't be accepted.

Note: If you have more than one location make sure to allocate the location specific keys to the correct location. Contact NetCash to set up subaccounts for multiple location debit orders.

In Octiv go to Settings, find "Payment Gateway Settings" > Under Adhoc Payments > click enable now and add your NetCash Merchant Account Number and PayNow key into the specific fields to activate PayNow > submit

1.2 Adjust and set-up PayNow in NetCash

Once the PayNow keys have been added to your Octiv account please log into your NetCash account and enable the following settings:

NetCash Login > Account Profile > Net Connector > PayNow > Payment Notification

- Predefined URL Group - None

Add the below links into the necessary tabs 

Accept URL:

Decline URL:

Notify URL:

Redirect URL:

Please select:

Notify My Customers


If these URLs are NOT in place, invoices will not be updated when payments go through.


The option to receive notifications once successful payments were made can be activated
Not all clients want to receive a notification every time there is a successful transaction.

Account Profile > System Users > Notifications > Pay Now > tick Pay Now recon payment advice to merchant and Submit.

How to use PayNow 

  • PayNow can be used to request online payments to be paid via card by sending invoices to a member, lead or non member. 
  • Members can top up on limited packages via the app. It will then immediately ask them to pay the top ups via PayNow. 
  • If using the Octiv widgets. For limited packages members will pay immediately via PayNow as well as Drop-ins. 

1. How to request a payment via PayNow 

  1. Generate an invoice if one has not been created. This can be a members invoice, leads invoice or an invoice to a non member via POS
  2. Go to Accounts > Invoices > Search for the invoice you would like to bill
  3. Click on the action button next to the invoice > request / process payment


4. A box will then pop up asking how you would like to process the payment:

5. Process immediate payment will open the PayNow payment window immediately for your client to pay 

  • Should you wish to send the client the link to pay later do NOT select the “process immediate payment” option. Instead just select NetCash 




    6. The member will then receive an email with a link to make payment

    7. The member selects Authorise payment > the link will then take the member to the above Octiv and NetCash windows to pay their invoice

    8. Once the transaction has been successful, the invoice in your admin profile will be marked as paid. 

    2. Allow members to purchase sessions through the app  

    2.1 Add top up prices to limited packages
    This functionality only works for limited packages 

    • Go to your limited packages and set up a top up price * this price is PER session – you can not top up on an entire membership unless you have enabled this under the relevant package. 

    Settings > packages > click on action button next to the package > Edit > insert top up price > save.


    2.2 How Members purchase top ups via their Octiv profile

    • Member logins into the app
    • Click the actions "…" icon in the left bottom menu bar > Packages & Sessions 
    • Click on Top Up and Insert the amount of sessions they would like to purchase > proceed
    • The app will then open the the invoice on the screen where the member will select pay with NetCash

    On the Octiv platform: 

    • The system will automatically generate an invoice for the app top up under accounts > invoices
    • This invoice will recon to Paid once the members payment was successful 
    • Only once the payment has been successful will the sessions be released




    • If the payment of a member is unsuccessful the invoice can be resent to the member via request/ process payment. 
    • The member also has the option in the app to pay the invoice at a later stage.

    • The top up invoice however can also be manually recorded if preferred. Here the sessions will be released once the invoice has been recorded as paid 

    2.3 How Leads purchase drop-ins via the Schedule widget Ocriv profile when integrated with PayNow

    See How to purchase drop-ins