Managing Trainer’s/Staff Rates
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Managing Trainer’s/Staff Rates

Set and keep track of your employee’s payroll.

The trainer/staff member rate function allows you to keep track of your employee’s payroll. A trainer/staff member’s rate can be added according to a class and PT sessions. Furthermore, a rate can be broken down according to how many members attend each class.

Once you have created a new account for your staff member, you can set up their rates. Ensure that you have selected the appropriate facility if you are managing more than one gym.

  1. Menu Bar > Staff
  2. Click on the menu icon to the right staff members name > View/Edit
  3. Select Rates > Decide if you want to set up the Class Rates or the Session Rates
  4. > Add Flat Rate > Insert a fixed amount that trainer would earn per class > Submit
  5. Or Add a Member Based Rate > Add Rate + Select min & max amount category for the designated amount > Submit
  6. Repeat for step 5 for different rates for members per class.

You can then view the Trainer Report to keep track of your employee’s payroll or classes coached.

Staff Rates Flat Rate:

Staff Rates Flat Rate

Staff Rates Member Based Rate:

Staff Rates Member Based Rate

Class Rate: This rate is calculated based on the assigned coach for each class under scheduling.

Session Rates: This rate is calculated from the independent session rate.

Note: A “Flat Rate” for either “Sessions” or “Classes” charges a standard rate for either irrespective of how many members attend a class. Selecting a “Member-Based Rate” for either “PT Sessions” or “Classes” charges a rate according to how many members are in a class.