How to link Member Accounts in the App (switch accounts)
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How to link multiple accounts in the Members App

The 'Link accounts' feature in the App, allows members who have multiple active profiles at different facilities to switch between their accounts.

Members are able to link accounts with the same email address or a different one. Once they have linked their accounts they can seamlessly switch between their accounts without having to log in and out. 

The feature is also used for members who have partners/kids at the same facility. They simply follow the same steps and can do bookings, etc for their partner/ kid. 

Only active accounts can be linked. 

How to link accounts within the App: 

  1. Click on the 3 menu dots at the bottom right corner.
  2. Link accounts > Link an Account.
  3. Type in the secondary profile login details & ensure that you have selected the correct account you would like to link (use the same email address & the password respective to that profile)
  4. Continue
  5. Select the respective facility that you would like to login into.
  6. To switch back, go back to Linked accounts under your profile and select the respective facility to log into.