How can a member disable their email notifications
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How to disable communication sent to a member via the members app


As a member you have the ability to disable certain notifications or all notifications within the Octiv App.

Login to your Octiv profile via the App > Select “Menu” on the bottom right > Email Preferences > choose which notifications you would like to disable and deselect the toggle.

This means that you will no longer receive email notifications for the deselected options via your email preferences. 

Email Preferences that can be disabled:

  • Class booking: Booked from waiting list (created by member and trainer)
  • Class booking: Cancelled
  • Class booking: Confirmation
  • Class booking: No Show
  • Class update: Discontinued
  • Class update: Schedule changed
  • Injury: Logged (by trainer and member)
  • Injury: Healed (by trainer and member)
  • Workout Result: New Comment