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How to buy top up sessions in the App

If on a limited package such as 3x week or 8x month you are able to buy extra sessions for that week or month via the app.

This function is only available if the studio has enabled it. 

The top up function works to buy one or more sessions in addition to the package. 

In the App click the Packages icon on the menu bar >  Click on Top Up and Insert the number of sessions they would like to purchase > proceed.

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If the studio is integrated with a payment gateway such as Stripe, Paystack or Paynow  the app will then open an invoice on the screen requesting to pay. The bought sessions are then immediately released.

If the studio is not integrated with a payment gateway, the invoice will have to be paid under the instructions of the studio. This may be via EFT, Cash or credit card.

The bought sessions are only released once the payment has been recorded on the studios side.