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How a Member Purchases Drop-Ins

How a member purchases, books and cancels drop-ins for Group Classes or Sessions

The schedule widget link will reflect your drop-in packages as well as your bookable classes.

The drop-in member will chose a drop-in package by clicking on “book a class” > select a package > choose the amount of sessions they would like to purchase e.g. 5 > enter their details > accept your waiver, and submit their details

  • if integrated with online payments they a payment window will open to enter their credit card details;
  • if allowing cash payments, an unpaid invoice is automatically created and sent

and then book their sessions. 

[GIF: How Member Purchases Group Classes or Sessions]

Drop in purchase & booking

A confirmation email will be sent to the owner and drop-in member with a link to access the class schedule. Drop-in members can then use this link to manage their class bookings and cancellations. 


The notification can be found and customized under 

Settings > Comms > Drop-ins success confirmation > Edit


Drop-in members can’t sign up or be added to the waiting list, this is reserved for members only.

[GIF Drop-In Email Communication]

Drop-In Email Communication

When editing the notification make sure not to delete the “placeholders” that have been put in place in order for the linked data to pull through .