Editing Session Instance/Series
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Editing Session Instance/Series

Edit or update your group classes and private sessions

Sessions can be edited either as an instance or as a series.

Edit instance (single session)

Left hand menu > Scheduling > Calendar > Select session > Actions > Edit instance > Submit

When editing a single session i.e. only for that particular day, only the following can be edited:

  • Trainer
  • Supporting trainer
  • Start time
  • End time 
  • Session capacity
  • Meeting URL

Edit session instance

Edit Session Series 

Here, you can make any changes to the session set-up. Note that these changes will affect all sessions selected for this entire series.

Left hand menu > Scheduling > Calendar > Select Session > Actions > Edit series > Submit

edit session series

Should any members be booked into this session series, they will receive an email notification that the session has been updated.