Creating Invoices

How to Create an Invoice

Create invoices manually or via bulk actions

Cash invoices can either be manually created or can be set to auto-generate on a monthly basis.

See How do I automate my invoice generation? to set this up.

Debit order invoices are created automatically by the system and cannot be manually created. If a member needs to be billed via direct debit, this item needs to be manually added to the existing or next available debit order invoice. Alternatively, a different payment method must be arranged.

You can add a member to a debit batch by going to Debit orders and selecting "manually add to batch" and fill in the details. 

Re-saving the members direct debit details will force generate a new debit order invoice 

Should the staff member wish to create an invoice that is not on the autogenerated invoicing list or not on the manually created bulk invoice list, the staff member can create an individual invoice for the member.

Cash invoices can be generated in the following 2 ways:

1. Bulk Actions from Manage Members page:

Select a member or multiple members to create a new membership invoice. The invoice that will be generated will be according to the members billing rate that is set up on the member card. 

Left hand menu > Members > manage > bulk select members > bulk actions > generate invoice > add in the invoice due date > select whether you want to send it immediately to the member or not > submit

2. Invoicing Page:

Create a new invoice directly from the accounts page.

Left hand menu > Accounts > invoice > Create New > fill in the details > submit


Invoice sections explained:

1. Invoice Details:

Select member: 

  • Only members that have been added as an active user can be selected from the drop down list. 
  • To create an invoice for a lead member See: how can i track my sales pipeline?
  • An invoice for a non-member can only be created through the POS under the “Store”, it is suggested that the non-member rather be added as a lead first. This way you can capture the non-members' details for future reference. 

Due date: 

  • Select the due date that the invoice is meant to be paid by. 
  • Remember, invoices are sorted according to their due date and not creation date. 

Initial Status:

  • Create the invoice with either a paid status if money was received at the time of purchase or create the invoice as unpaid if payment is still owed.


  • Choose to add a description to your invoice e.g. Membership invoice, extra PT sessions etc. 

2. Invoice line items:


  • Add the description of your line items e.g. Membership 3x week or PT Session Tuesday 8th 

Items Type:

  • Line items can be itemised. Octiv has preloaded some items for you to select from but you can also create your own. 

Settings > Accounts > Create invoice item type > add details > submit. 


  • Should you use itemised billing codes, this is where you would insert the relevant product code. 

Unit Price:

  • Insert the total amount of the product line item.
  • The unit price is tax inclusive.


  • Select the quantity of the listed line item. This will automatically add to the sum of the total amount to be invoiced. 

Add Line Item:

  • Add multiple line items for listing different product purchases. 

Adding a discount:

  • Manually add a discount by Adding a new line item, under unit price add the amount to be discounted as a negative amount e.g. -R100. This will be subtracted from the total amount. 
  • To permanently add a discount to a members’ membership rate see “manage members”.