Adding Admin Staff and Trainers
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Adding Admin Staff and Trainers

Create a new account for your administrative staff and trainers.

Staff > New account > Fill in the person’s details > Submit

User types explained: 
Owner - Default access to all the features
Admin - Access to everything, except the trainer report & staff privileges
Location admin - Can have access to only selected locations, no access to the trainer report & staff privileges

Trainer - Access to the communication center, manage users, POS, reports, class actions & work out actions. No access to financial information or administration tasks (e.g. suspending members, running debit orders, staff etc.)

Username already exists?

Each user needs to be registered to a unique email address (username). Please deactivate old accounts before creating a new one with the same email address or contact Octiv support to locate your previous account.

Once a new account has been created, the staff member will receive an automated email with their username (email address) and unique password.


Adding a New Account


Once you have created your staffs' account, you would need to assign the respective staff member access to the facility location/s as well as allocate their location privileges. 

Staff > Actions > View/edit > Access > Select location access > select relevant Octiv privileges > Submit.

"Location Access Privileges" not found on login? 

This warning message will present to the newly created staff member should they have not been granted access to a facilities location. 

Using the owner account / profile type, you would need to assign the staff member location access as explained above.